PCI Radios

Bose Headset A20

  • VENDOR: PCI Radios

  • PART#: PCI-1691

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The Quietest, most comfortable headset available! Proprietary technologies in the A20 aviation headset reduce more noise than ever before, across the full spectrum of human hearing, in even louder environments. Advanced electronics now use microphones both inside and outside each earcup to sense and reduce more ambient sound. Improved Bose® ear cushion technology helps further reduce unwanted noise. New cushion materials block more sound before it enters the earcups, providing an even quieter headset experience.

  • Available in PCI Offroad Wiring, 2 plug aviation or Helicopter.
  • Provides greater comfort and stability, with more room for your ears
  • Designed to deliver significantly better noise reduction in even louder environments