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'10-Current Toyota 4Runner SDHQ Built "Build your Own" Dual Battery Kit

  • VENDOR: SDHQ Off Road
  • PART#: SDHQ-50-3002-U1 - SDHQ-54-3001-G5
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  • SDHQ Built Dual Battery FAQs
  • If you have questions about our SDHQ Built Dual Battery Kits. Our SDHQ Built Dual Battery FAQ page will most likely have the answers to most, if not all, of your questions
Circuit allows up to 500 Amps continuous draw and 700 Amps for 5 minutes.

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Our "Build your own" SDHQ Built Dual Battery kit for the 2010-Current Toyota 4Runner gives you the ability to choose specific dual battery components for your 4Runner.

This al carte kit allows you to include the specific parts you want for a clean direct from the factory quality install. Our dual battery kit components were 3D CAD designed, engineered, and built in-house for our typical SDHQ Built quality, fit, and finish.

Benefits of running a dual battery system:

If you are someone who goes or is planning on going on 4x4 camping trips (overlanding), then you will need auxiliary power. A dual battery system is where two separate batteries are working in conjunction with each other. Running our secondary battery kit will ensure your Toyota 4Runner has start-up power.

VEHICLE FITMENT: 2010-Current (5th Gen) Toyota 4Runner with ATRAC


  • 3D CAD designed, engineered & built in-house for our typical SDHQ Built quality, fit, and finish
  • Bolt-on installation, no drilling or trimming required.
  • Second battery location provides better weight distribution than systems that put the batteries right next to each other.
  • Triangulated mounting positions to provide superior strength (utilizes the firewall, inner fender, and wheel well when mounting).
  • Fits batteries with dimensions up to 11 1/4” Wide x 7” Deep x 7 ⅜” Tall (top of battery, not terminal).
  • Powder coated black for a durable finish.
  • Intergrated mount for Blue Sea Systems ACR
  • Test fitted with stock and AFE Intake air box systems
  • Recommended to use 2 new matching batteries. *Batteries are not included*


  • SDHQ Dual Battery Wiring Kit - SDHQ-50-3002-U1
  • 2010-Current Toyota 4Runner Secondary Battery Tray Kit - SDHQ-54-3001-G5



Secondary Battery Tray Kit-SDHQ-54-3001-G5

  • Our #SDHQBUILT Dual Battery Tray Kit for your 2010-Current (5th Gen) Toyota 4Runner allows you to mount a second battery in your 4Runner's engine compartment without any drilling or trimming.
    • Designed to fit 2010-Current (5th Gen) Toyota 4Runners
    • Bolt on installation, no drilling or trimming required.
    • Second battery location provides better weight distribution
    • Integrated mount for Blue Sea Systems ACR
    • Battery Fitment
      Mount fits Group 24, 34/34R (34R fits stock battery location) and 35 series batteries
      • Fits Group 24 and 35 batteries with the SDHQ Built Secondary Battery 24F/35 Upgrade Kit (SDHQ-50-3005-24F)

SDHQ Built Dual Battery Wiring Kit-SDHQ-50-3002-U1

  • This kit includes everything needed to wire your SDHQ Dual Battery Mount System
    • Premium Cross-Linked SAE J-1127-SGX cables
      • 2 AWG Main Cables (main to aux battery ground and main/aux batteries to ACR)
      • 4 AWG Second Battery to Frame Ground Upgrade
      • 6 AWG Main Battery to Body Upgrade
      • 6 AWG Aux Battery to Body Upgrade
    • Upgraded ground wires provide better connection between both batteries and Body/Frame grounds


  • SDHQ'S Billet Battery Terminal Upgrade kit is designed to replace your vehicle's OEM battery terminals. No more splicing and cutting up your vehicle's wiring when installing your off-road accessories.
    • Multi connection Battery Terminal
    • Five additional terminal pads
      • 2 - 3/8" Terminal pads
      • 1 - 5/16” Terminal pad
      • 2 - 1/4" Terminal pads
    • Ability to retain all factory wiring
    • Positive and Negative Billet 6061 Aluminum Terminals.
    • Complete Hardware Kit
      • Stainless Steel Hardware with included Anti-Seize Compound.

  • Secure your vehicle's primary battery with SDHQ's Billet Battery Hold Down. Manufactured out high quality 6061 Aluminum, this billet hold down kit replaces your vehicle's OEM steel factory hold down.
    • 3D CAD designed, engineered & built in-house for our typical SDHQ Built quality, fit, and finish
    • Billet Aluminum Hold Down replaces factory sheet metal hold down.
    • Anodized Hold Down for durability.
    • Billet Aluminum for strength
    • Easy driveway installation, no drilling or trimming required.
    • Fits 34R size aftermarket batteries only.

  • Our #SDHQBuilt HD Billet Battery Terminal Kit is designed to be used with a secondary battery (dual battery kit) set up.
  • Circuit allows up to 500 Amps continuous draw and 700 Amps for 5 minutes. 
  • Cranking rating of 1450 @ 30 seconds. 
  • Live Current Switching up to 300 amps. 
  • Circuit is designed to auto charge the 2nd battery when the vehicle is running, but isolates the 2nd battery when the vehicle is off. Leaving the second battery for emergency starting. 
  • Manual switch on the circuit allows the batteries to combine or isolate. 
  • Optional Remote switch control and LED output to indicate when the batteries are combined, isolated or in lockout. 
  • Undervoltage lockout below 9.6 Volts. Overvoltage lockout above 16.2 Volts. 
  • Why we use the Blue Seas ML-ACR in our kits?
  • The Blue Seas ML-ACR is a fully self-contained automatic charging relay that automatically connects the batteries during charging state and disconnects when not. The ML-ACR is capable of handling the total current capacity of the second battery. By isolating the second battery and using the main battery for all accessories loads, you have the peace of mind of not being stranded due to a dead battery. Even with an entirely dead main battery, simply pushing the switch on the ACR, you will be able to self jump-start the vehicle. The ACR also allows total current from the alternator for charging, along with the option of manually locking the batteries for tasks such as winching.

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