New Bronco 3rd Brake Light

New Bronco 3rd Brake Light

Introducing the SDHQ Built 3rd Brake Light Chase/Light Mount designed explicitly for the Ford Bronco & Bronco Raptor.
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We are excited to introduce you to a game-changing product that will take your Bronco to the next level of safety, style, and functionality.

Hey, fellow 4x4 enthusiasts! For those of you who love to upgrade and elevate (quite literally) your rides, there's an accessory that’s creating a buzz in the Ford Bronco realm: the SDHQ Built 3rd Brake Light Chase/Light Mount, exclusively designed for the 2021-Current Ford Bronco/Bronco Raptor. As someone who breathes the 4x4 life, I've tinkered and tailored my vehicle with numerous modifications. But let's dive into why this particular accessory stands out.

1. Safety First:
Here’s the crux of the matter - as you level up with larger tires, there's a significant risk of the third brake light being obscured, especially when running a larger tire mounted on the back. This doesn't just raise eyebrows in terms of road regulations, but it’s a genuine safety concern. Enter the SDHQ light mount. This nifty design ensures your brake light stays visible no matter how beefed up your tire game is, ensuring you remain conspicuous both on and off the road.

2. Universal Fit:
No matter if you’re sporting the stock tire or have opted for the formidable 37” or 40” ones, this mount is versatile enough to accommodate. It seamlessly integrates with different Bronco builds, from the untouched to the extensively modified.

3. Premium Lighting Choices:
The SDHQ mount is not just about the brake light. It’s an all-encompassing lighting solution. From the striking 6-inch Baja Designs Rear Tail Light-Mini RTL-M LED Light Bar to an assortment of Chase Lights options (S1 Series, S2 Series, Squadron Sport, and Squadron Pro LED Lights), you're spoilt for choice in tailoring your Bronco's lighting needs.

4. Built Tough:
Off-roading is about embracing the unpredictable. With its robust construction, the SDHQ Built 3rd Brake Light Chase/Light Mount promises to be a trustworthy companion during those rugged escapades, standing firm amidst all challenges.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing:
While its primary function is rooted in safety, there's no compromise on style. Its design is such that it appears to be an original part of the Ford Bronco, making it a blend of function and form.

In Conclusion:
For the 4x4 enthusiasts who consider safety paramount and are always on the lookout to enhance their Ford Bronco experience, the SDHQ Built 3rd Brake Light Chase/Light Mount (PART#: SDHQ-14-1212-G6) is your answer. Balancing safety, versatility, and aesthetics, it ensures your off-road journeys are as secure as they are thrilling. So, light up and let those trails know you're coming – safely and stylishly!

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