2018 White Toyota Tacoma

This Tacoma is equipped with an Icon Suspension System featuring S2's with finned reservoirs, Icon Alloy Six Speed wheels, Toyo M/T Tires, SDHQ Built Sliders, Behind the Grille Mount, Switch Pros SP-9100, our new SDHQ Power Steering Reservoir, Baja Designs S8, ONx6, Squadron Pros, Camburg's Performance Spindles and Camburg's New Performance Lower Control Arms.


  • CAMBURG | 05-Current Toyota Tacoma 2WD Pre-Runner/4WD Performance Lower Arm Kit
  • BAJA DESIGNS | Toyota Tacoma/Tundra/4Runner Squadron Sport (Wide Cornering) Fog Pocket Kit
  • IVD| '05-Current Toyota Tacoma Suspension System - Stage 7
  • CAMBURG |' 05-Current Toyota Tacoma 2WD Pre-Runner/4WD Performance Spindle Kit
  • BAJA DESIGNS | 30" OnX6+ LED Light Bar
  • SDHQ BUILT | '05-Current Tacoma Switch-Pros Under the Hood Power Module Mount

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