SDHQ Off Road

'16-Current Toyota Tacoma SDHQ Built Behind the Grille Dual LED Bar Light Mount

  • VENDOR: SDHQ Off Road

  • PART #: SDHQ-55-1202-G3

    MSRP: Regular price $120.95

    Your PRICE: $109.95

FITMENT: '16-Current Toyota Tacoma
  • No Drilling Required
  • 3D CAD Designed for an OEM Quality Fit and Finish
  • Bolts directly to Core Support
  • 1/8 Thick Steel Plate Construction for Durability
  • Ability to run a light bar in the upper grille location and the lower grill location on Non-SR5 Grilles
  • Ability to run a light bar in the two middle opening on SR5 Grilles
  • Mounting holes for all major light bars
NOTE: On the '18-Current Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO GRILL due of the TSS (Toyota Safety Sense) the placement of the sensor will not allow a light bar to be mounted in the lower position of the bracket.

Baja Designs 
  • 30" S8 Series
  • 30" ONX6 Series
Rigid Industries
  • 30" SR Series
Vision X 
  • 30" Xmitter Prime Bar with end mount kit


  • Switch Pros with SDHQ Mounting Solutions recommended
  • Air onboard switches are recommended for Basic Installs.