BuiltRight Industries

Tech Plate - 42pc Tech Plate Mounting Black Hardware Kit

  • VENDOR: BuiltRight Industries
  • PART#: BR-201021
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $26.00


There’s no limit to how you might mount your BuiltRight Tech Plates, but BuiltRight thought they would design a kit that would save you a trip to the hardware store and offer a super clean installation..


  • 100% Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Custom Billet Aluminum Spacers
  • Custom Billet Aluminum Countersunk Washers
  • Black Hard Anodized Finish


  • 6x Anodized Aluminum Spacer - 3/8”
  • 6x Anodized Aluminum Spacer - 5/8”
  • 6x Anodized Aluminum Countersunk Washer
  • 6x Stainless Steel Machine Screw - #12 x 1-1/2” Length
  • 6x Stainless Steel Washer - #12
  • 6x Stainless Steel Locking Nut - #12
  • 6x Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screw - #12

The countersunk washers are designed to accommodate most #12 and 1/4” flat head hardware and the included spacers can be stacked and configured however you need, regardless of whether or not you’re mounting to a flat surface.

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