Cruz Armor

Self Healing Day to Night Single Tear Off Kit-STILO ST-5 Shield

  • VENDOR: Cruz Armor
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $19.95


This Tinted tear off is made of the same optically clear, self healing, patented material we use for our helmet shield protection kits. When installed over the top of our clear CruArmor lens protector, you will have a tinted, self healing shield during daytime driving, which will not scratch or scuff when hit with sand, rocks, or mud, or when wiped with your micro fiber, or gloves. Then, when nightfall hits, you simply remove the tinted tear off, and you instantly have a fresh, clear, protected visor for night driving.

NOTE: Only use this Tear Off over a shield that has a clear or amber CruzArmor outer shield protection already installed, otherwise, the Tinted Tear Off may be difficult to remove from lens.

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