Roll Bar Clamps

  • VENDOR: PowerTank

  • PART#: PT-ABC-2450

    MSRP: Regular price $38.50

    YOUR PRICE: $35.00

Roll Bar Clamps Large 2.25-2.5 Inch Diameter Black Pair Power Tank. So you say you just can't bear to remove that nice rollbar padding on your YJ, TJ, LJ, or new JK. I hear ya. Leave the padding on and still be able to clamp your bracket to your rollbar with these wider cut Rollbar Clamps. They also fit 2 3/8 Inch dia. (Bronco) and 2 1/4 inch dia. tubing (Wrangler without padding). 2004 and later Wrangler owners, note that there may be an extra layer of rigid foam beneath the zippered padding and a small amount of it will have to be removed to allow the clamp bolts to get started.

The grip groove inside the clamp keeps shims from shifting during heavy offroad racing.

  • Color-Black
  • Aluminum Billet