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Oasis XD4000 Continuous Duty High Performance Air Compressor

  • VENDOR: Oasis Manufacturing

  • PART#: OASIS-XD4000-12

    MSRP: Regular price $1,999.00

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The XD4000 continuous-duty air compressor is the ultimate tool for extensive compressed air performance. GSA approved, the XD4000 continuous-duty DC air compressor is equipped with a specially designed deep-finned head and compressor body. In addition, this unit features an exclusive, forced air motor and compressor cooling system.
The XD4000 continuous-duty DC air compressor model possesses dual fans: a 100 cfm fan built into a housing shroud, which works to cool the body and motor of the machine, while providing added protection to the unit, and an internal fan which also cools the modified 5 hp electric motor. This unique cooling combination, found exclusively on our high-quality XD4000 continuous-duty DC air compressor, provides superior operating temperature reduction resulting in an unrivaled 100 percent duty-cycle at 200 psi.
Our XD4000 continuous-duty DC air compressors are built to handle the most rugged commercial service and tow truck project requirements, as well as military applications, off-road vehicles, and air suspension systems.


PART# Nominal Operating Voltage Current at Max Load (Amps) Power at Max Load (Watts) Duty Cycle @ 100 psi @ 70 deg
XD000-12 12 Vdc 180 2160 100%
XD4000-24 24 Vdc 90 2160 100%