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  • VENDOR: Method Wheels
  • PART#: MR50178051842
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The MR501 Rally is the wheel that started Method's venture into rally racing. Initially developed as a 15” gravel wheel, the MR501 has been scaled up to a 17" while retaining the rugged strength of the smaller race wheel. Strategic weight reduction pockets have been inserted into low-stress areas to cut unnecessary weight. The MR501 also features ‘I-beam’ inner-lip geometry increasing strength and resistance to impacts while eliminating more unnecessary weight. The MR501 Rally is available in 17x8 and 18x8 with a +42mm offset and a decorative center cap ring. The MR501 is hub centric for Mitsubishi applications (67.1mm hubs) and will include a hub ring for Subaru fitment (56.1mm hubs) and will clear STI Brembo brakes.