CV 500 Joint Grease

  • VENDOR: Neo-Synthetics

  • PART#: NEO-CV500T

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NEO CV 500 Grease is a complex blend of mineral oils, synthetic esters and lubricating solids. NEO CV500 should be used when temperature extremes are not a problem. Their designed use is for severe sliding contact such as extremely heavily loaded ways and guides, very slow, large diameter ball and roller bearings, bushings, linear and oscillating mechanisms and open gears. Articulated, CV and Universal Joints subject to the hardest shock loading, angularity and radial forces such as found on ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLES. Can be used on sensitive metallurgy including copper, silver, tin and aluminum and their alloys. Exceptionally resistant to water wash conditions including emulsions. Special compounding and lubricating solids provide superior antiseize characteristics and exceptional acid resistance.


Vehicular uses of NEO CV 500 Grease are typically constant velocity couplings (CV joints) and industrial applications include linear reciprocating mechanisms, heavily loaded ways & guides, spline couplings subject to linear motion & heavy loads in either direction, press fit & assembly operations, jack screws, mechanical presses, and very slow large diameter ball & roller bearings.