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Our NEW performance lower arms are a definite upgrade for ’21-23 Gen 3 Ford Raptor owners. Being stock length you’re able to use your existing coilovers and upper arms and don’t have to get into fiberglass fenders and extended axles like you would with a long-travel kit. We’ve incorporated our optional 2.5 Slapper bump stop system to work with these for additional bottom-out control. We also push the wheelbase slightly forward giving you some additional caster for improved handling and added tire clearance with the firewall when running larger tires and using all of that suspension off-road.

When designing these arms, we set them up for maximum useable wheel travel along with the correct shock motion ratio geometry. CAD/CAM engineering, these arms are considerably stronger than the stock arms and were designed to maximize ground clearance and off-road performance. They have internal gusseting and pivot on FK 1″ uniballs at the frame rather than cheap rubber or polyurethane bushings that constantly bind and flex under braking. Uniballs allow for zero binding when the suspension cycles up and down and has zero flex under braking so your geometry and alignment is always consistent. With Raptors being aligned by the lower arm, a uniball setup also allows for a bind-free adjustment and you’re able to torque all the bolts without putting it into a bind. Since the uniball spacers are 1.50” in diameter, you have better-clamping force in the frame mounts due to the increased surface area which keeps the holes from ovaling out over time unlike a small diameter sleeve used in a bushing. This also keeps the alignment cams from loosening up from off-road use.

The arms are laser cut, CNC formed, MIG welded, powder coated Camburg gray and are ready to install with all the necessary hardware included. These are by far the strongest stock-length aftermarket arms out on the market. Combine these with our KINETIK billet upper control arms, 2.5 Slapper bump stop system for the ultimate stock width setup.

  • Factory wheels will not work with these, you need aftermarket wheels with 4.75-5.00″ of backspacing

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