Bubba Rope

Bubba Rope Tree Hugger

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Even if youre not a granola-eating, herbal-tea drinking type of Bubba or Bubbette we still think its a pretty darn good idea to respect ol Mother Nature. Especially when youre crashing through the country side in an awesome man-made four wheeling mechanical off-roading fun machine. Which is why we designed The Tree Hugger, a perfect way to winch yourself out of some difficult situations while still managing to leave your surroundings green and un-scarred. The Tree Hugger is made from 3 inch wide 100% polyester webbing that can wrap around a tree like a soft cuddle keeping your winch cable from girdling the bark off your tree buddys trunk. We also added a tuff Cordura covering over the synthetic webbing for added web protection and reduced eyelets for easily attaching a joining shackle.

Length Breaking Strength
6 Foot 58,000 lbs
10 Foot 58,000 lbs
16 Foot 58,000 lbs