Camburg Engineering

'99-06 Chevy/GM 1500 Camburg Gen 2 Long Travel Kit

  • VENDOR: Camburg Engineering
  • PART#: CAM-210016
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $5,495.00


The Camburg Long Travel Silverado kit is a huge upgrade in suspension performance. To start we made a fully fabricated spindle, a boxed lower arm with internal gusseting, In our new coilover / by-pass design we have the lower shock m0uts sunk into the arms to fit larger shocks to gain more wheel travel. We also have a new bucket style shock mount that utilizes a coilover and a by-pass shock. 1Uni-Ball lower pivots for the lower A-Arms and 3/4 heims for the upper arm to pivot off of. The factory ball joints were changed out to 1 Uni-balls upper and 1.5 lower. Others will mount there 1 uni-balls single sheer, this is not as strong as the double sheer mounting we do upper and lower. There are 2x 1.5 uni-balls 6x 1 uni-balls, 2x 7/8 heims, and 6 3/4 heims in the system. The total of these parts with spacers and hardware is over $1500, this is why our kit LOOKS expensive but you just get what you pay for! You will need a set of Fiberglass fenders to make room for your tires.


  • Boxed lower arms
  • Recessed shock mounts
  • Heim UCAs
  • Fabricated race spindles
  • Full heim steering
  • Limit straps
  • SS Brakelines
  • Powdercoated Camburg grey
    Lift Wheel Travel Track Width Wheel Size Max Backspacing Tire Size
    4-6 in 15-16 in +5 in per side 16-17 in x 8-9 in 4.75 in 35-37 in