4L60 (also 700R-4) Transmission Pan Gasket LubeLocker

  • VENDOR: LubeLocker
  • PART#: LLT-G4L60
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $26.95


The LLT-G4L60 Transmission pan gasket from LubeLocker for your 4L60 (also 700R-4) Transmission. The construction of the LubeLocker transmission pan gaskets make transmission leaks a thing of the past.  Protecting your transmission has never been so cost effective.
LubeLocker has the right transmission pan gasket for you no matter what your passion.  Our gaskets excel on the track, off road or on the rocks.
LubeLocker transmission pan gasket features:

  • A Metal core with a rubber coating
  • Elastomer beading applied to the gasket face
  • A dry seal
  • No additional sealants required