Pro Eagle Jacks

3 Ton "Kratos" Jack Tool Kit-BX626-P

  • VENDOR: Pro Eagle Jacks
  • PART#: PE-BX626-P
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $169.99

These Tool Kits will only work on Pro Ealge's 2.0 Jack Mounts


The Pro Eagle tool kit for the 3 Ton "Kratos" Jack is the perfect addition for the Pro Eagle 3 Ton "Kratos" Jack Mount. Don't get stranded without everything you need to change a tire.

Pro Eagle and Boxo Tools teamed up and created a tool kit that is designed to fit within a Pro Eagle's 3 Ton "Kratos" Jack Mount. This kit is stored underneath your Pro Eagle 3 Ton "Kratos" Jack, so once your Pro Eagle Jack and handles are secured, the tool kit is hidden and held tightly in place.


  • Empty pocket for lug nut key or other vehicle specific tools.
  • Boxo Tools lifetime warranty
  • Carry case and foam insert made specifically to fit into the 3 Ton "Kratos" Jack Mount
  • 19mm, 21mm & 22mm Impact sockets with protective sleeves
  • 14" long 1/2" drive Breaker Bar
  • 5" Extension
  • Valve Stem Remover

NOTE: This tool kit will only work with Pro Eagle's 3 Ton "Kratos" 2.0 Jack Mounts
If you have an earlier generation mount it will not fit inside it.

This is a representation of the tire changing process while using Pro Eagle's Jack Tool Kit. This does not show what is included with this specific kit.