3.0 Race Series 1" Shaft Remote Reservoir Shock

  • PART #: King-RS3008-SS

    YOUR PRICE: $806.55

    MSRP: Regular price $849.00


King Off-Road Racing Performance Series smooth body shocks with IBP provide the highest level of performance damping and suspension control for your vehicle. These rebuildable shocks are manufactured using a 3.0” diameter shock tube cycling 12” of travel and feature a remote reservoir. Run this shock on the rear of your Bronco for a superior ride and tunability. This is an excellent choice for anyone desiring a top of the line ride quality. These shocks ship valved, and shimmed with what works best for overall performance on your Bronco in our testing. We encourage you to send us an email or add a comment to your order giving us some information about your vehicle so we will be able to build your shocks to suit your needs. Some examples of helpful information are: vehicle width, tire size, additional weight like roll cage or plate bumpers, and how you use your Bronco (street, desert, prerunning, trails, etc.)