Carli Suspension

'19-Current Ram 1500 Rebel Carli Multi-Rate Rear HD Coil Springs

  • VENDOR: Carli Suspension
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FITMENT NOTE: Designed for the RAM 1500 Rebel models


Carli Suspension's Multi-Rate Rear Coil HD Springs for the 2019-Current Ram 1500 Rebel.


  • 2019+ Ram 1500 REBEL
  • 1″ Rear Lift with constant 500LBS in Bed and NO Rambox of MFT
  • 1″ Rear Lift with Multi-Function Tailgate & Rambox (BOTH)


  • Front Fender to Floor: 40.125″
  • Rear Fender to Floor: 41″
  • Rear Frame to Axle Bump: 6″
  • Front Pinch Weld to Floor: 17″
  • Rear Pinch Weld to Floor: 18″

Loaded with 500LBS SPECS:

  • Front Fender to Floor: 40.625″
  • Rear Fender to Floor: 39.75″
  • Rear Frame to Axle Bump: 4.875″
  • Front Pinch Weld to Floor: 17.125″
  • Rear Pinch Weld to Floor: 16.875″


The “HD” Coils were designed with the intent that a Rebel WITHOUT the MFT or Rambox could carry 500lbs of constant cargo (Rack and RTT, tools, etc.) thus, it would only make sense that a Rebel with these options (equating to an additional 300+ lbs) would sit better with the extra spring rate. We installed them and the truck sat perfect! Keep in mind, the customer had around 70lbs in the Ramboxes, as well.

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