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'19-Current Ford Ranger Dash Mount Kit

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  • PART#: BR-104024
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The BuiltRight Industries Dash Mount Kit for the 2019-Current Ford Ranger provides a rigid, durable mounting point for all types of accessories. With room for multiple mounts, users can attach and configure their devices with infinite adjustability. A popular combination with our product testers was cell phone, radar detector and dash cam, from left to right. The Dash Mount was born from the lack of phone mounts that give you the ability to position your device where you want.

Installation is very straight forward. The laser cut and CNC formed bracket attaches to the tray located above the dash using four machine screws, included in the hardware kit. The two .25" holes used must be drilled by the user in the OEM tray. Should you choose to return to stock, the OEM rubber mat inside the tray conceals the holes. The two OEM mounting points towards the front of the vehicle are used for rigid installation.

The bracket is manufactured from 12ga mild steel and finished with a durable black texture powdercoat - a very close match to the OEM dash finish. Each kit contains the Dash mount bracket, four machine screws, four washers and four locking nylon nuts.


The 2019-Current Ford Ranger Dash mount offers two mounting positions.

  • In the first position, the mount sits closer to the driver and at an angle that’s closer to horizontal, allowing just enough space to easily fit a tool below the mount for configuring attachments.
  • The second position is closer to the windshield, which offers a near flush position and retains a bit of the tray for holding sunglasses, keys, etc. Users can make this decision at the time of installation.

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