17-Current Ford Raptor Transmission Cooler

  • VENDOR: Mishimoto

  • PART #: Mishi-MMTC-F150-15SL

    MSRP: Regular price $400.00

    Your PRICE: $313.95


Heavy loads and hot weather are no match for a 2017+ Ford Raptor equipped with a Mishimoto Transmission Cooler.

With an impressive 510 lb-ft of available torque and up to 8,000 lbs of towing capacity, the Raptor is no slouch when it comes to towing and bashing dunes. But every powertrain has its limits.

With the Mishimoto 2017+ Ford Raptor transmission cooler, you’ll be able to push those limits knowing that your transmission is protected. The 10-row tube-and-fin cooler provides a 212% larger tube surface area and 132% fin surface area over stock. Cooling potential is increased even more by a 105% greater core volume and 184% greater fluid capacity.

Whether you're towing your boat to the lake or setting a record time over the dunes, this transmission cooler can take the heat.


  • Direct fit for 2017+ Ford Raptor
  • Tube-and-fin construction for maximum cooling and flow
  • 184% increase in fluid capacity over stock cooler
  • Increases core volume by 105%
  • Increases tube surface area by 212% and fin surface area by 132%
  • Retains stock hoses for quick and easy installation
  • Patent pending