'14-Current Toyota 4Runner Redarc Suitable Two-Pro Brake Controller Harness (TPH-021)

  • VENDOR: Redarc
  • PART#: TPH-021
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $22.00


The REDARC Tow-Pro TPH-021 wiring harness offers the ability to connect the Tow-Pro™ Elite or Tow-Pro Liberty electric brake controller into 2014-Current (5th Gen) Toyota 4Runner.

The Tow-Pro Wiring Harness contains fitting instructions and the loom with compatible connector. The Tow-Pro Harness allows you to connect to the Tow-Pro Elite electric brake controller to the vehicle’s factory fitted connector with an easy plug and play design.
Simply plug one end of the harness to the electric brake controller connector and then plug the other end to the factory fitted connector behind the vehicle dash.


  • 2014-Current (5th Gen) Toyota 4Runner