SDHQ Off Road

'10-Current 4Runner SDHQ Built Switch Pros Keypad Mounting System

  • VENDOR: SDHQ Off Road

  • PART #: SDHQ-54-1130-G5

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SDHQ's '10-Current (5th Gen) Toyota 4Runner SDHQ Built Switch Pros Keypad Mounting System allows you to securely mount your Switch Pros 9100 in a convenient and efficient position. Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • CNC Laser cut and etched factory Toyota panel
  • Designed for a tight fit with Switch Pros Bezel Mount Panels
  • Included Reinforcement Backing Plate System
  • Increases panel clip holding pressure
  • Clamps switch panel into dash panel making it sturdy and theft resistant.   
  • Eliminates the chance of hardware vibrating loose
  • Minimal cutting required 
  • Match your interior color