Carli Suspension

'08-10 Ford F250/350 2.5 Coilover System-4.5" Lift

  • VENDOR: Carli Suspension
  • PART#: CS-F45-CO25-08
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $5,695.00


Carli Suspension's 2.5 Coilover System for the 2008-2010 Ford F250 and F350 uses Carli’s Fabricated Coilover Conversion plates as a display for the custom valved King 2.5″ Remote Reservoir Coilover. This system allows users height adjustability for after-market bumpers and winches while providing an awesome on and off-road ride.


  • Front Lift: 4.5"
  • Rear Lift: 0-3.5"
  • Front Travel: 10"
  • Rear Travel: 13"
  • Shock Diameter: 2.5
  • Tire Fitment: 37"x12.50


  • CS-FCO25PKG-45-05: Carli Custom Tuned KING 2.5" Remote Reservoir Shocks, Coilover Front and Piggyback Rear, Stainless Shafts & Reservoir Mounts
  • CS-FCOMKIT-08: Coilover Mounts
  • CS-FBLT-08: Brake Line Tabs
  • CS-FORDBBL-08: Brake Lines
  • CS-FRAD-08: Radius Arm Drops
  • CS-FBDF-08-4.5: Bump Stop Drops
  • CS-FCASTERSHIM-4.5: 1° Caster Shims
  • CS-FPRB-08: Track Bar


    This Carli Suspension Kit must be accompanied by a selection of a Sway Bar option to form a complete system.
      • Corrects Sway Bar Geometry on 4.5" Lift
      • Direct Bolt-in
      • Unhindered Articulation, 100% Rebuildable
      • 3/4" .120" wall material, 2" Spherical Joints
      This Carli Suspension Kit must be accompanied by a selection of a Leaf Spring option to form a complete system.
        • Built in the U.S.A. By Deaver Leaf Spring
        • Smooth progressive design
        • Supplied with U-bolts and hardware
        • Provides 2.0" of lift
        • O.E.M. load capacity maintained, improved ride
        • Fitment: 2008-2010 F250/350 4x4, 3.5" Axle Tube
        • Block eliminating, Full Progressive Spring Pack
        • "Light" 3/4-Ton Capacity, Max Bed-load 2,000lbs.
        • Includes new U-Bolts and Rear Bump Stop Drops
        • Provides a 1", rear high stance on Matching 4.5" Suspension Systems
        • 37" Tire Fitment
        • Fitment: 2008-2010 F250/350 4x4, 3.5" Axle Tube


    The Coilover system boasts Carli specific, blueprinted, King 2.5” Coilovers front and piggyback reservoir shocks rear. In an effort to provide customers with the best product, we designed a custom piston to determine proper base flow rates to ensure the shock works well in the heavy duty truck platform; we then tuned the shocks around the custom pistons based on the only thing that matters to us, seat-of-the-pants feel. We round off ALL our King shocks with shafts machined and polished from a solid piece of 17-4 Stainless. Unlike King’s standard shafts, there is no coating to wear off, weather can’t hurt them and if there is a small chip, you can round the edges with emery cloth to ensure the seal housing isn’t damaged as they’re not brittle like the stock, hardened shafts. The shocks are finished with King oil good to -55° F. Note that all King shocks are built with a plated steel body. If subjected to inclement weather for extended periods, we recommend wrapping your shocks in 3M to provide a moisture barrier that’s replaceable.

    The truck will sit 4.5” higher in the front and have more wheel travel thanks to the coilover that mounts in the Carli Coilover Conversion Bracket. Radius Arm Drop Brackets reset the pivot point and keep the travel linear for the best ride while Sway Bar Links or Drop Brackets reset the sway bar engagement point. Bump Stop Drops protect the shocks from over-compressing, the Adjustable Track Bar centers the front axle and Stainless Brake Lines firm up braking and ensure there is enough line for the newfound travel. To round off the front end, we include Caster Shims to tighten the steering.

    Factory Wheels SHOULD NOT be run with oversized tires. They’re known to rub the radius arm, sway bar and most concerning – Brake Lines. Factory tires and factory wheels will work without issue but we DO NOT recommend running oversized tires on factory wheels. On our 4.5” Ford Systems, we recommend 17”-18” wheels, no more than 9” wide with 5” of backspacing with a 37”, E-Rated Tire. The more rubber, the better the small bump compliance will be at proper inflation pressures.