Icon Vehicle Dynamics

'07-Current Toyota Tundra ICON Long Travel Front Coilovers

  • VENDOR: Icon Vehicle Dynamics

  • PART #: ICON-59750-CB

    MSRP: Regular price $1,679.95

    YOUR PRICE: $1,599.95

These adjustable coil-over shocks have proven their strength and longevity for years on end and they keep going. These shocks offer the best ride quality and handling. They increase suspension travel and dramatically increase the capabilities of your Tundra's front suspension. These coil-overs come complete with all the hardware necessary to complete the installation.

The ICON CDC Valve is an externally adjustable valve that restricts oil flow into the reservoir creating 10 levels of compression damping force ranges. Controlling the amount of oil flow externally allows for optimally adjusting damping for varying terrain. With the addition of an ICON CDC Valve a different tune is required on the working piston to get the ride quality range of adjustment to softer than standard at the S setting and much firmer than standard at the H setting. The ICON CDC Valve piston is custom tuned per application with different valve stacks because not all shocks or applications are equal.

- Adjustable Ride Height
Race Shock Piston w/ Flutter Stack Valving
Billet Aluminum Upper Mount
5/8" PTFE-lined Spherical Bearing
Completely Re-buildable
Chrome-silicon Spring
Made in the USA