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'07-18 Jeep JK (2-Door) E-Clik PRO Suspension System

  • PART#: SDI-SS-205100011
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SDi E-CLIK PRO Suspension System for JK 2 Door Wranglers

SDI's E-CLIK PRO Suspension System for the 2007-2018 Jeep JK (2-Door) includes all the features of SDI's E-CLIK ACTIVE system plus it allows the user to tune like a Pro.


  • 2007–2018 Jeep Wrangler JK (2 & 4 Door) Models (Sport, Sahara, Rubicon)
  • 3.5 – 5 inch lifts


  • 5 menus allow the sensitivity of the automatic adjustment to be fine tuned
    • Pitch Sensitivity
    • Roll Sensitivity
    • Turn Sensitivity
    • Throttle Sensitivity
    • Brake Sensitivity


  • An ECU uses input from 12 Sensors, calculating 250 times per second to adjust each shock automatically based on terrain and driving conditions.
    • Our 8 Axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) is a High Accuracy, stand-alone unit, calculating 500 times per second. Not a simple one that is part of the ECU circuit board.
    • Control system was developed in house at SDi
  • E-CLIK touch screen controller with knurled selector ring.
    • 3 modes
      • Road – Prioritizes composure, more damping for a composed ride and excellent feedback to the driver. More sensitive to driver inputs: braking, throttle, steering.
      • Trail – Prioritizes comfort, less damping for a more comfortable ride. More sensitive to vehicle roll and pitch.
      • Manual – Allows the user to select the front and rear shock setting and disables the system from making automatic adjustments.
    • Real Time displays
      • Shock setting at all 4 corners
      • Vehicle Roll and Pitch
      • Vehicle Speed

WHAT'S INCLUDED: The E-CLIK PRO Suspension System contains 4 Shocks, Main Harness, Power Harness, Color Touch Screen Controller with black knurling (and controller mount), IMU w/ Bracket, ECU, Front Shock Harness, Rear Shock Harness, Zip-Ties, Fasteners, and Instructions


FRONT Position 1 26.75 10.25
Position 2 26.00 9.50
Position 3 25.25 8.75
REAR Position 1 26.75 10.25
Position 2 26.00 9.50
Position 3 25.25 8.75