Carli Suspension

05-16 Ford F250/350 Long Travel Air Bags

  • VENDOR: Carli Suspension

  • PART#: CS-FLTB-05

    YOUR PRICE: Regular price $850.00


Double Bellow Airbags are restrictive to ride quality and travel of the rear suspension; Enter Carli Long Travel Airbags. We combine tapered billet pistons and rolling sleeve design to maximize the travel and ride quality by minimizing the exponential spring rate increase associated with aftermarket airbags. The airbags are rated to 2,000lbs. each at 100psi with a normal operating range of 5-75psi while supporting up to 12 inches of suspension travel.

The extended and collapsed dimension combined with ride height piston-depth makes these airbags compatible ONLY with our 4.5″ Lifts, unfortunately. Everything is included to set these up for manual fill but we provide industry standard 1/4″ airline to plumb these into your existing air system if desired.


  • Supports up to 12 inches of travel
  • Compatible with rear lifts that level to a 4.5" Front Suspension System ONLY
  • Restore Factory Payload to Full Progressive Springs
  • Adjustable Rear Loaded height, 2,000lb Capacity per bag at 100psi
  • Use Manually (included) or with onboard air System (1/4" airline compatible)

NOTE: Ford Long travel airbags will ONLY work with 2″ of rear lift on an F350 or 3″ on an F250! These cannot be used on a stock height truck

NOTE: Carli Ford Super Duty Airbag Kits will only fit 2005-2016 SuperDuties with the 3.5″ axle tube.