Jeff's SDHQ Built Carli Equipped Ram 2500

Jeff's SDHQ Built Carli Equipped Ram 2500 is equipped with the best of both worlds, performance, and comfort. This truck will be a daily driver that can perform in any condition on or off-road and look good doing it.

Featuring Carli's 2.5 Pintop Suspension System, Radius Arms, High Mount Steering Stabilizer, Low Mount Steering Stabilizer, Torsion Sway Bar, and running on a set of Method 305 HD Series Wheels wrapped in Toyo M/T Tires, this Ram 2500 is built to last and perform.

Jeff's SDHQ Built Carli Equipped Ram 2500

Suspension Overview:

The Carli Suspension Pintop System is the best all-around suspension system available, giving you a smooth on-road and off-road ride. With more clearance, better off-road capability, increased articulation, and better ride quality over-stock.

We added Carli Suspension's Radius Arms to gain maximum control, responsiveness, and rigidity over our Carli System. The High Mount Steering Stabilizer reduces bump steer and virtually eliminates death wobble. The Low Mount Steering Stabilizer increases our factory track bar range of motion from 8 degrees to 15 degrees. This adds stability while on or off-road, yielding better handling and maneuverability. We also upgraded our Torsion Sway Bar ensuring a more controlled responsive ride over-stock. We see a tremendous improvement in roll resistance without sacrificing an appreciable amount of ride quality.

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