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Goose Gear

05-Current Toyota Tacoma Module Top Plate-1 Access Door

  • VENDOR: Goose Gear
  • PART#: 2499

  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $595.00


Tacoma System Module Top Plate with 1 Access Doors.

This top plate is designed for easy access by adding 1 access door you can easily access the space between the wheel well and tailgate from inside the vehicle. Works very well with Tacoma System Infill Panels. Serves as a great sleeping platform as well.

Requires purchase of Goose Gear Tacoma System Plate and Module.

Select your options:

  1. Width of Module
  2. Length of Module
  3. Location: Driver or Passenger Side

Designed for 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacoma's.

Price is for one top plate to cover a single module.