Camburg Engineering

Camburg 2.50 Front Bolt-On Spindle Snout-Right Handed Thread

  • VENDOR: Camburg Engineering
  • PART#: CAM-010022
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $395.00


These 2.50 spindle snouts are designed for our Camburg 2.50 front hubs. Camburg CNC machines them in-house from aircraft quality US 4340 chromoly. They manufacturing process on these gives you the best product available. Starting with a 5″ billet 4340 bar we machine them to rough dimensions of the final part. Camburg thens have them heat-treated and stress relieved by a leading aerospace facility. After heat-treatment, we then machine and thread the critical dimensions and smooth bearing surfaces to 0.001″ tolerances. These use the industry standard Dana 44 bolt pattern, that has been doubled up (12 on 4.00″ bolt pattern) that also registers into a 3.375″ bore. Camburg has cut no corners in the production process and only use the best materials.

These are complete and include the locking style spindle nut that uses a ring that bolts to the face of the nut and registers into the snout. We offer these in both right hand and left hand thread versions so order one of each when needing a set.

We suggest using MS/NAS MS21250 3/8″ 12pt hardware to attach these to machined spindle blocks and safety wired.


  • Right Handed Bolt-on spindle snout
  • Lock washer
  • Lock nut
  • Lock nut hardware

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