'20-Current Jeep Gladiator JT ARB Rock Sliders

  • PART#: ARB-4450260
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Combining functionality, strength and protection, ARB has designed and developed a unique style of rock slider specifically designed for the Jeep Gladiator JT platform.

ARB Rock Sliders to suit the new Jeep Gladiator JT are made up of two parts - the slider assembly, and a lower body mount in order to effectively spread the load and protect the vulnerable lower sill area of the vehicle when used off road. It is worth noting that due to slight differences in flare design between the Sport and the Rubicon model, there is reduced clearance between the Sport flare and the rock slider.

To complement the ARB Jeep Gladiator JT protection equipment range, the Rock Sliders are finished in ARB's Integrit™ textured black powdercoat


  • Vehicle-specific design to suit the Jeep Gladiator JT
  • Durable steel construction for maximum protection
  • Two-piece design - sill mount and slider assemblies
  • Slider section manufactured from 4mm laser cut, multi-folded and pulse-welded sheet steel
  • Slider section mounts to chassis-mounted body mounts
  • Mounts to vehicle sill manufactured from 3mm laser cut and folded sheet steel
  • Sill panels mount to vehicle with M6 nutserts and M6 buttonhead Torx bolts


The multi-folded slider design utilizes chassis mounted body mounts to spread the load along the length of the vehicle sills, without restricting the ramp over angle. The sliders are manufactured from 4mm laser cut, folded and pulse welded sheet steel. The multi-folded design provides significant strength without the need for a thicker material which keeps weight to a minimum. Furthermore, the profile of the slider against the body is curved to match the vehicle shape.

To provide additional mounting, a sill plate is fitted with M6 nutserts and M6 buttonhead zinc-plated Torx bolts. The plate is manufactured from 3mm laser cut and folded sheet steel, and features a laser cut ARB logo at the front of the sill plate.

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