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'10-20 Toyota Tundra SDHQ Built Hidden Winch Mount

  • VENDOR: SDHQ Off Road

  • PART#: SDHQ-53-1650-G3

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Product Configuration

Zeon mounting kit (only needed if you are using a Warn Zeon Winch)
SDHQ-53-1660-G3 (+$64.95)

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SDHQ presents an easy way to mount a winch on your 2010-2020 Toyota Tundra while maintaining the stock front bumper. Slight modification and trimming to the stock bumper plastic is required to allow access to the winch line and fairlead. Our winch mount is CAD designed for a precise fit and is constructed out of 1/4" thick mild steel. Precision bent and MIG welded for strength and durability. After initial construction, the winch mount is powder-coated matte black for a subtle, long-lasting finish that will withstand anything you can throw at it!


  • Bolts directly into the frame and adds support to bumper/frame horns
  • ¼” thick steel plate construction for durability
  • Designed initially for the Warn Zeon 10 & 10-S Platinum with wireless control
  • Fits Warn VR and Zeon Series winches
  • Will fit Smittybilt x20 series winches with slight modifications
  • 26” x 7.15” x 8” maximum winch dimensions
  • Integrated relocation of Zeon Control Box
  • All mounting hardware is included
  • 3D CAD Designed
  • Manufactured in the USA.


The SDHQ winch mount has been designed to fit the Warn Zeon 10 Platinum and Warn Zeon 10-S Platinum series of winches with a wireless controller. Users have shown other model winches such as the Warn VR series as well as the Smittybilt x20 series will fit. Other winches that are similar in size with the same 10” x 4.5” bolt pattern may fit but are in no way guaranteed to fit by SDHQ or its distributors. We at SDHQ recommend the Zeon Platinum series winches because they have a wireless controller which allows full functionality of the winch. Winches with a manual clutch will not have the ability to "free-spool" unless a device is built to access the winch's clutch release.

Relocating the winch control box on the Zeon series is necessary due to clearance issues.

We have an optional kit that contains all the wiring and hardware needed to relocate the Zeon series control box.

Zeon mounting kit (only needed if you are using a Warn Zeon Winch)
Relocating the control box is possible without our kit; however, the end user will need to source their wires and hardware. 
PART #: SDHQ-53-1660-G3-A

Zeon Mounting Kit Instructions