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'07-21 Toyota Tundra SDHQ Built Traction Bar Kit

  • VENDOR: SDHQ Off Road
  • PART#: SDHQ-53-1410-G3
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MotoIQ installed our SDHQ Built Traction Bar Kit and did an awesome write up on it.



The SDHQ Built Traction Bar Kit for the 2007-2020 Toyota Tundra is designed to improve drivability, stability, acceleration, and control axle wrap. Our kit is 100% bolt-on, 100% American made and manufactured in-house.


  • Fits 2007-2021 Toyota Tundras
  • Designed to help prevent axle wrap while not limiting travel or adversely affecting ride quality
  • 3D CAD designed, engineered & built in-house for our typical SDHQ Built quality, fit, and finish
  • Designed to work with these rear leaf spring configurations:
    • Icon rear expansion pack
    • Icon RXT spring pack
    • Stock OEM spring pack
    • Stock OEM spring pack with add-A-leaf kits that retain the overload spring
    • Most Deaver sprung over packs
  • Clearance Specs:
    • Rear: 1/2" of clearance gained at the rear axle
    • Front: Zero loss of clearance if you have a fuel skid plate & 1/4" of clearance loss at the shackle near the gas tank if you do not have a gas tank skid plate
  • Works with lifts up to 6” - The 6" lift is measured at the front which will, in turn, lift the rear 4" to level out the Tundra
    • NOTE: Fits with BDS 7” lifts, we have not confirmed any other 7”+ lifts.
  • Designed to control axle wrap common with progressive multi-rate leaf springs
  • Prevents driveline damage caused by axle wrap
  • Greatly improves drivability, stability, and acceleration
  • No need to remove leaf springs for install
  • No cutting, drilling, or welding is required for install, 100% bolt-on
  • Ships powder-coated with our SDHQ standard textured black
  • We include 8" u-bolts which work with most spring configurations with no block
  • Our kit is 100% American made and manufactured in-house


  • Designed to work with the following Tundra Cab and Bed Configurations
    • Crew Max Cab Configuration (5.5ft Bed)
    • Double or Single Cab Configuration (6.5ft Bed)
  • If you are running a lift block with your spring pack now, new u-bolts may have to be purchased separately. The new u-bolts will be the same size as what you have now. We always recommend replacing your u-bolts because a previously torqued U-bolt will suffer from distorted threads. U-bolt nuts should be tightened once and re-torqued, never loosened and retightened.


  • All fabricated components are manufactured in-house
    • Qty 2-Frame Mounts
    • Qty 2-Axle Mounts
    • Qty 2-Traction Bars
    • Qty 4-Shackles Plates
    • Qty 2-7/16" Frame Clamp Brackets
    • Qty 1-Complete Hardware Kit
      • Includes FK Heims

Benefits of our traction bar kit over ones currently on the market:

  • Greatly improved ground clearance, pivot points are tucked up in front of the axle
  • Transfers energy into the frame with no added stress to the leaf spring
  • Does not add any noise, vibration or harshness
  • Originally designed for off-road use where travel and articulation are much greater than at the track, yet still performs 100% on the street, at the track, or towing.
  • Does not limit travel or change the leaf springs natural arc path or pinion angle.
  • Does not require removing leaf spring bushing for install.
  • Does not require removing the leaf springs for install.
  • Does not require cutting, drilling, or welding for install.
  • No core charge.

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