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S&B Filters

'20-Current Chevy/GMC 1500 3.0L Duramax Cold Air Intake

  • VENDOR: S&B Filters
  • PART#: SB-75-5137D
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $329.00


S&B Filters' cold air intake for the 2020-Current Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra 3.0L Duramax was engineered to minimize air restriction and flow better than stock. This kit comes with a fully enclosed airbox that protects the filter from dirt and keeps out engine heat.

The 2020-Current 3.0L Duramax intake kit can be installed by connecting directly to the stock intake tube. For even better performance, S&B includes an additional intake tube to connect directly to the turbo to maximize airflow.

Part Number OEM Interior Panel Color
75-5137D Dry Extendable Filter
75-5137 Cotton Cleanable Filter



The 75-5137 intake kit has (3) airflow configurations. Its Unique Airbox design provides more air to the filter by using a scoop that captures cool air from the front quarter panel. S&B also includes a silicone box plug that can be installed or removed depending on personal preference and airflow requirements.
  • Silicone Box Plug removed: This configuration will provide an extra air inlet that will be pulled from the driver side fender area.
  • Silicone Box Plug installed: This configuration will seal the secondary air inlet located on the side of the box facing the vehicle fender. The front-facing grill inlet and the front scoop will become the main source of airflow into the Intake Box.