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Baja Designs

OnX6 Hybrid Laser and LED Light Bar

  • VENDOR: Baja Designs
  • PART#: BAJA-451007
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The new Baja Designs Laser Light series is at the pinnacle of distance lighting. The Laser Light is capable of throwing light 350% farther than our current OnX6+ Light Bar. We have created a "Hybrid" light in order to give the user the ultimate lighting package. A 10" OnX6 Hybrid projects 2 laser chips and 4 LED chips through our High Speed Spot optic to deliver a far reaching, yet smooth blend of light – elevating forward projection lighting into the next generation! If you want to stay ahead of the competition with farthest reaching product on the market, look no further.


Bar Length (in.) Lumens Wattage/Amps
10" 7,760 Utilizing 4 LEDs and 2 Laser Chips 95w/6.9a
20" 15,520 Utilizing 8 LEDs and 4 Laser Chips 190w/13.8a
30" 23,280 Utilizing 12 LEDs and 6 Laser Chips 285w/20.7a
40" 31,040 Utilizing 16 LEDs and 8 Laser Chips 380w/27.6a
50" 38,800 Utilizing 20 LEDs and 10 Laser Chips 475w/34.5a


  • 10" Hybrid bars can be operated with two switches. One to control the LED chips and another switch to control the two Laser chips.
  • OnX6 Hybrid bars sized 20" and above only function with one on/off switch- unlike the 10" Hybrid bars that feature separate switches for the LED chips and Laser chips, respectively.
  • 40" and 50" Hybrid Laser light bars are extremely high output and as such must be built as dual power cord/ dual control. You will need two harnesses to power a 40" or 50" bar. Please verify that your vehicle has the electrical output to run these products before purchase.
The needs of every off-roader are different, so Baja Designs has created a Lighting Zone system to help you mix and match the right products, with the right lenses, in the right places to achieve the absolute best results.

Learn more about lighting zones

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