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SDHQ Built Ram TRX

This is a fully equipped, SDHQ Built, ready-to-go TRX in excellent condition.

It's never been used offroad—though it's eager for its next owner to take it on an adventure—never smoked in, and strictly no food inside. It's been regularly detailed and is up-to-date on all service needs. You'd be hard-pressed to find another TRX build as clean and functional as this one, especially at this price with only 7,100 miles.

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only 7,100 miles

ready for adventure

This truck needs nothing. Featuring only the best, we hooked this TRX up with substantial suspension and performance upgrades, as well as functional improvements SDHQ is known for.

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key features

Suspension upgrades

Kibbetech sway bar links enhance the TRX's stability and handling, ensuring a smoother, more controlled ride even in challenging off-road conditions.

Kibbetech upper control arms improve the suspension articulation of your TRX, resulting in better wheel alignment and increased durability when tackling rough terrains.

The Kibbetech rear link kit significantly enhances the rear suspension setup of your TRX, providing superior ride quality and increased stability, especially during high-speed maneuvers on uneven surfaces.

King Rear 3.5" 4 tube bypass shocks offer exceptional damping control and adjustability, allowing for a plush ride on highways and unbeatable performance on rugged trails, ensuring your TRX can handle any adventure with ease.

The King Rear Bump Stop Kit provides critical suspension protection for your TRX by absorbing extreme impacts, reducing the risk of suspension damage during aggressive off-road driving. This kit helps maintain vehicle stability and comfort under harsh conditions.

King's 2.0 Rear Axle Shock for the 2021-2023 Ram 1500 TRX is a bolt-on suspension product that will reduce axle hop for increased traction.

Eibach coil-over springs are designed to improve the overall stability and handling of your TRX by offering superior road holding capabilities.

Eibach rear springs enhance the load-bearing capacity and improve the overall ride quality of your TRX. They offer increased resilience and better shock absorption, ensuring a smoother ride even when navigating over rough or uneven surfaces, making them ideal for both daily driving and rugged off-road use.

Black ceramic cylinder coating significantly improves engine heat dissipation, which enhances overall engine performance, increases durability by reducing thermal degradation, and helps in maintaining more consistent operating temperatures under extreme conditions.

A sway bar significantly improves the handling and stability of your TRX by reducing body roll during sharp turns or uneven road conditions. This upgrade helps maintain better vehicle control and safety, particularly at higher speeds or when maneuvering through challenging terrain.

Performance Upgrades

Long tube headers optimize exhaust flow from your TRX’s engine, leading to enhanced horsepower and torque. This upgrade allows for quicker acceleration and more efficient engine performance, making it a valuable addition for both everyday driving and high-performance scenarios.

The cat-back exhaust system by AWE enhances your TRX's performance by increasing exhaust flow and reducing back pressure. This upgrade not only boosts horsepower and torque but also gives your vehicle a deeper, more aggressive exhaust sound, elevating the overall driving experience.

A Cold Air Intake system increases the amount of oxygen available for combustion by drawing in cooler air from outside the vehicle. This upgrade enhances engine efficiency and performance, resulting in higher horsepower, improved throttle response, and better fuel economy for your TRX.

A Forced Induction Interchiller cools the air entering your TRX's supercharger or turbocharger, dramatically increasing air density and enhancing combustion efficiency. This leads to significant gains in power output, improved throttle response, and overall heightened performance, especially valuable during high-demand driving situations.

SDHQ Built Products

SDHQ A-Pillar Light Mounts provide a robust and aesthetically pleasing solution for mounting additional lighting on your TRX. These mounts are strategically placed at the A-pillars to enhance visibility without obstructing the driver's view, perfect for night-time off-roading or any situation where extra illumination is needed.

The SDHQ Built Chase Rack offers a durable and stylish platform for mounting extra gear and off-road accessories on your TRX. This rack not only enhances the truck’s utility by providing additional storage options but also adds a rugged aesthetic that complements the vehicle's aggressive design.

The SDHQ Built Vertical Pro Eagle Jack Mount provides a secure and accessible mounting solution for a Pro Eagle jack on your TRX, ensuring that you have easy access to vital lifting equipment when you need it most. This is especially beneficial for off-road enthusiasts who might need to perform tire changes or undercarriage inspections in remote areas.

The SDHQ Billet Battery Terminal and Distribution Kit enhances the electrical reliability and performance of your TRX by providing a robust connection point for all battery cables. This upgrade ensures better conductivity, reduces the risk of electrical failures, and simplifies the installation of additional electrical accessories, ensuring your vehicle's electrical system is both efficient and durable.

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Originally valued at over $160,000 with MSRP at $94,200, parts totaling $54,172, and labor costs of $12,000, this meticulously assembled TRX is now available at the exclusive sale price of just $114,000.

Act now to seize this unmatched value and make this high-performance vehicle yours today. Contact us now!