Robert's #SDHQBuilt Ford F250 Tremor

Before any build is started at SDHQ, we ask this question. What is this vehicle going to be used for?

With this 2022 Ford F250 Tremor, the answer was improved ride quality. Robert wanted to take his F250 Tremor to the next level by enhancing the on-road and off-road ride quality of his F250 Tremor. We did this by upgrading this Tremor with suspension components from Icon Vehicle Dynamics and Carli Suspension. This Ford Tremor now rides better than it did from the factory!

We also added some Baja Designs SAE Fog Light Kit and Icon Alloys Rebound HD Wheels, along with upgrading the suspension.


This Ford F250 Tremor is equipped with Icon Vehicle Dynamics and Carli Suspension aftermarket suspension components that are designed to improve on-road and off-road suspension performance.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Components:

  • '05-Current Ford F250/F350 Icon 2.5 V.S RR CDCV Coilover Conversion Kit The advantage of utilizing a coilover conversion kit is that they have been designed to increase the overall damping ability of the vehicle while at the same time allowing for user-defined ride height adjustment.
  • '05-Current Ford F250/F350 Icon Complete 4 Link Kit  Icon's front 4-Link System for the Ford F250 and F350 not only gives your truck an aggressive look, it enhances the articulation of the front suspension.
  • '05-Current Ford F250/F350 Icon 2.5 V.S. RR w/ CDCV Front Shocks  ICON's Vehicle Specific (V.S.) 2.5 Series shocks are designed and built to give your 2005-Current Ford F250/F350 outstanding performance off-road and a smooth ride on the street.
  • '17-Current Ford F250/F350 Icon Adjustable Track Bar Kit  The ICON adjustable track bar for the 2017-Current Ford F250 and F350 will realign your front end track alignment within factory specifications for lifted applications.
  • Icon Vehicle Dynamcis Finned Reservoir Upgrade  Two kits are available for both 7.5” reservoir (PN: 191016) and 10” reservoir (PN: 191015) shocks, and each comes complete with a pair of finned reservoirs, dovetail reservoir clamps, and all necessary parts & hardware to complete the process.

Carli Suspension Components:

Other Components:

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