Icon Vehicle Dynamics | '22-Current Toyota Tundra 3.0 Suspension Systems

ICON's 3.0 Series Coilovers with CDCV for 2022-Current (3rd Gen) Toyota Tundra are designed to take the off-road capability of the truck to new levels by increasing wheel travel by up to 40% in the front and 20% in the rear while significantly improving the suspension's damping performance and stamina during prolonged stretches of rough terrain.


ICON's 3.0 Series shocks boast 50% more piston surface area compared to 2.5 Series shocks. This translates into increased stability and vehicle control at the extremes of off-road use, with benefits also making themselves apparent in on-road driving conditions. Increased internal oil volume and more external surface area compared to 2.5 Series Shocks offer improved heat dissipation and resistance to shock fade under hard use.