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The 2017 King of the Hammers is considered to be the toughest one day race in the world and is the largest off-road event in North America. This year’s race was epic to say the least. In a race where just finishing is an accomplishment the Campbell’s showed everyone the skill and determination it took to take the top spots. The father & son duo battled each other throughout the day but dad Shannon Campbell would ultimately be crowned King with son Wayland placing second by less than 30 seconds. SDHQ would like to congratulate the entire Campbell team and crew on their well deserved success. 


Once again, SDHQ had the honor of providing race support to all the racers and their crews over the course of the week out at Hammers. We can’t tell you how many times a frantic racer or crew member came to our booth looking for a single part that broke and it could have ruined the whole trip. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the look of relief on their faces when we tell them we have it. That’s why we love coming out to the races, we love the sport and the hard working people that love it as much as us.
This was one of our busiest years yet and we stayed busy everyday providing parts and equipment to keep everyone in the game. We make sure to stay on top of race requirements and rule changes. We stock up on inventory to make ensure everyone passes tech. In addition to providing race support we had the pleasure of meeting with some of the estimated 40,000 spectators that came from all over the world just to experience King of The Hammers. This event is truly one of a kind, and we look forward to coming out for years to come!

In addition to on site race support we hosted a burger night to show our appreciation to our customers, fellow vendors and friends. We want to thank everyone that came out this year and look forward to seeing you guys all there next year! Keep up to date with all of our events on our Facebook & Instagram!

If you have never experienced The King of the Hammers it is definitely something that you need to cross off your bucket list, especially if you are an off-road enthusiast. Almost no other sporting event allows the spectator the accessibility and participation that this event does. For a more information visit www.ultra4racing.com and for a full in depth recap of this years event visit http://www.drivingline.com/koh-2017/ . Check out some of the sites from around Hammertown.

King of the Motos

Spectators lined up at Chocolate Thunder waiting to watch the action.

Next up, The Mint 400 – The Great American Off-Road Race in Las Vegas! See you there!




Check out these two recent #SDHQBUILT Tacomas builds we completed. Both builds are different but each one features different capabilities and functionality. At SDHQ we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and building around their needs and style. Whatever you are looking for we have the products, knowledge and experience to make your perfect build a reality.

This build started with a brand new, completely stock 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD. We wanted to maximize off-road capabilities as much as possible, yet maintain the ride and function of day to day driving. We paired Total Chaos Suspension components with Icon shocks to achieve a mid travel kit that allows increased travel and superior dampening. This Tacoma turned out to be an absolute beast and the digressive valving makes the transition from off-road to on, seamless. This truck got loaded with enough Baja Designs off-road lighting to be able to take on the Baja 1000, and as always SDHQ outfitted all that lighting in a clean custom package. In addition to our custom lighting mounts we installed a SDHQ EXCLUSIVE winch mount that neatly houses a Warn winch behind the stock bumper. Check out the full product breakdown below and as always feel free to contact us for any questions about the products and services we offer! So when you’re ready to take your truck to the next level you know you can trust the professionals at SDHQ. 

Front Suspension:
Total Chaos Heimed UCA
Total Chaos Race Series LCA
Icon Remote Resi Extended Travel w/ CDC and 700lb Coils
Total Chaos Cam Tab Gusset
Total Chaos Spindle Gusset
Total Chaos Coil Bucket Gusset
SDHQ Cab Mount Chop – This is custom modification offered by SDHQ that allows for proper tire clearance.Rear Suspension:
Icon Omega Bypass
Icon Air Bump Kit
Deaver  U402 LeafsU-Bolt FlipRecovery and Armor:
Warn Zeon-10S Platnium with Spydura Synthetic winch line
Factor 55 Flat Link
Pelfreybilt Aluminum IFS Skid
Pelfreybilt Aluminum Mid Skid
Pelfreybilt Aluminum T-Case Skid
SDHQ ABS GuardsLighting:
SDHQ Dual Grill Light Mount ***SDHQ EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT***
Baja Designs 30″ Onyx6 Hi-Power Driving Combo White
Baja Designs 30″ Onyx6 Hi-Power Flood Amber
Baja Designs XL80 Driving Combo White
Baja Designs Squadron R Sport Amber Fog Replacement
Baja Designs Squadron Sport Flood Dust Light
Baja Designs S2 Pro Reverse Lights
SwitchPros Bezel Mount
Putco LED HeadlightsWheels and Tires:
Method Race Wheels 17×8.5 NV Matte Black
Toyo Open Country MT 285/75/17

AFE CAI with Ram Air Scoop
AFE Hi-Tuck Exhaust
Doug Thorley Down Tubes
Doug Thorley Mid Pipe


This customer definitely pushes his trucks to the limit. He came to us with damaged factory plastics and was looking to completely reinforce not only his factory exterior components but suspension as well.  We went with Pelfreybilt bumpers, sliders and skid plates, they are heavy duty but offered clean lines and housing for all the Baja Designs lighting we could throw at it. He wanted a truck that could handle the abuse off-road but maintain handling on road as well. We knew he needed a suspension system designed with maximum performance in mind. Our primary focus was to increase wheel travel and damping ability, which translates into outstanding vehicle control and ride quality. So we went with Total Chaos upper control arm coupled with Icon shocks. Needless to say the customer was extremely happy and been enjoying putting his upgrades to the test.  Check out the complete build out and as always feel free to contact SDHQ for any questions about the products or services SDHQ offers, call 480-633-2929 today and speak with any one of our trained sales team.


Total Chaos UCA 
Total Chaos Spindle Gusset
Icon Remote Resi Coilover w/CDC, 700lb Spring Upgrade
Icon 2.5″ Rear Shocks w/ CDC
Deaver J66 Expo Springs
Warn Winch 9.5 XP w/Synthetic Rope
Pelfreybilt Sliders
Pelfreybilt  Front Bumper
Pelfreybilt Rear Bumper
Pelfreybilt Skid
Baja Designs
Onx High Power
S8 Amber
S2 Flush Mount Rear Bumper & Rack
Rock Lights
SwitchPros Bezel Mount
Method NV 16×8 
Toyo MT 255/85r16
Front Runner Cab & Shell Rack, Shell Mount 
Custom SDHQ Cab Access Cab Mount for Front Runner Rack 


BITD Parker 425 & 2017 Safety Rule Updates

The 2017 Best In The Desert (BITD) Bluewater Parker 425 presented by Impact is right around the corner, and not only does SDHQ have everything you need to get race ready, we will be providing onsite sales and service out at the race!

There are new rules regarding safety are now mandatory. These rules were introduced prior to 2016, when it was made known that they were recommended for one year and required for 2017.  While none of the rule updates are major changes, there is no need for surprises when you show up to tech at your first race of the season.  For this reason SDHQ wants to ensure that all racers are familiar with the 2017 safety rules. For more info visit www.bitd.com or call SDHQ 480-633-2929

HELMETS Helmets must be approved by one of the following with the appropriate approval decal attached; Snell SA2010 or SAH2010 / SA2015. The interior and exterior areas of the helmet must be free of defects (i.e., the padding must be in good condition and the exterior of the helmet must not be damaged).  Beginning with the 2017 Best in the Desert Racing Season, SA2005 rated helmets will no longer be permitted.
SDHQ Carries a complete line of race ready helmets pre-wired with PCI Radios in stock! Check out our HELMETS

FIRESUITS One-piece firesuits are mandatory. Two-piece suits are not permitted. Suits must not have any holes, rips, or tears or be worn thin and must be free from any petroleum-based contaminants.  All suits must be manufactured from fire resistant material and shall bear a minimum of an SFI 3.2A/5 or higher manufacturer’s certification label.  Fire retardant gloves and footwear rated to the SFI 3.3 standard are very highly recommended.  Best In The Desert Racing Association also highly recommends that each fire suit be labeled on the upper right chest with the entrant’s full name, blood type, allergies or other important medical information. See our FIRESUIT selection


UNDER GARMENT REQUIREMENTS The use of petroleum based and other synthetic blends of undergarments such as the athletic or compression style close-fit garments are not permitted (commonly used for the cooling, moisture wicking, and quick drying features). Synthetic fibers such as nylon, elastane, and polyester melt when ignited and for this reason they will not be permitted.  Best in the Desert strongly recommends the use of a fire retardant long sleeve tops, and long bottom undergarments as well as fire retardant socks rated to the SFI 3.3 specification.

BITD strongly recommends the use of either a fire retardant balaclava rated to the SFI 3.3 specification or a helmet skirt rated to the SFI 3.3/5 specification.
For the 2017 race season, Best in the Desert Racing Association mandates that all persons driving or riding in any class race vehicle wear a frontal head restraint (FHR) bearing the SFI Foundation’s 38.1 manufacturer’s certification label.
SAFETY NETS Best In The Desert Racing Association approved safety nets are mandatory on all vehicles and must cover the complete open area of the cockpit on both sides of the vehicle, including open wing glass area with glass or no glass.  An SFI 27.1 rated driver/navigator ingress/egress window net will be mandatory for the 2017 season.  Nets must be installed on the inside of the roll cage to prevent them from being damaged or coming off in the event of a roll over or slide on the side. Nets attached to door frames are permitted as long as door has a positive secondary latching device. Nets must be installed so that the occupants can release the netting unassisted and exit the vehicle regardless of the position of the vehicle. Net installation must meet with the approval of the chief technical inspector. Lexan in the side windows can be substituted for nets as long as positive secondary latching devices are used. Lexan side windows must be mounted in such a fashion as to allow quick removal in event door will not open.
The net border or edge and the net attachment must be made of materials that are as strong or stronger than the net itself. Net attachments must be every 6 inches. Acceptable attachments are not limited to the following, but will need to meet SFI 27.1 specifications; Adel clamps, one way snaps, metal hooks, and steel rods. Steel rods are acceptable methods of bottom fastening. No zip ties may be used for the ingress/Egress net. No Velcro may be used.
Best In The Desert Racing Association requires that occupants of all vehicles must be protected during a roll over in such a manner that prevents them from extending from the body or frame of vehicle. 
VEHICLE REFUELING Best in the Desert mandates refueling personnel (aka “The Fueler”; the crew member responsible for inserting the fuel nozzle or dry brake during a pit stop) wear a one piece or two piece fire suit minimally rated to the SFI Foundation’s 3.2A/5 manufacturer’s certification.  The suit shall cover the crew member from the neck to the ankles and to the wrists.  The suit must be free from holes, rips, tears, and not worn thin.  Additionally the “fueler” must wear a SNELL rated full face helmet, an SFI 3.3 rated balaclava, SFI 3.3 rated fire retardant gloves, and SFI 3.3 rated fire retardant shoes and an SFI 52.1 rated fueler apron.



This race will be a tough one without Casey Folks. From everyone here at SDHQ we want to thank Casey for his love, passion and dedication to the sport of off-road. Our thoughts are with his family and extended family within the off-road community. He had a great impact on many people and the sport itself. Let’s all strive to uphold the integrity and sportsmanship that he had as we move forward.




Countdown to King of the Hammers!

King of the Hammers is considered to be the toughest one day race in the world and is the largest off-road event in North America and SDHQ has everything you need to get race ready! In addition to providing onsite sales and race support out at Hammertown, we have have a fully stocked store of race gear ready to be shipped out in time for the race. For more information about the race, schedules, updates driver and spectator info, be sure to check out www.Ultra4racing.com For any questions about race prep call SDHQ at 480-633-2929 or go online to www.sdhqoffroad.com. And we’ll see you out on the lake bed! 






SDHQ is excited to announce we will be partnering up as a sponsor for Ultra 4 Europe. We will be providing onsite race support and services along the 2017 European Ultra 4 Race series…. read more. And for more information about Ultra 4 Europe visit www.Ultra4Europe.com

Holiday Hours

From all of us here at SDHQ we want to wish our friends, family and customers a happy, safe holiday season! We have extended our holiday hours for those last minute shoppers! We will be open Saturday December 24th from 8:00am to 3:00pm and New Year’s  Day from 8:00am – 3:00pm. Stop by and pick up those perfect last minute gifts for the off-roader in your life!