Nomex Black Racing Socks

  • VENDOR: Impact

  • PART#: Impct-79999410

    YOUR PRICE: Regular price $39.95


Manufactured from a plush-knit Nomex and reinforced with a Kevlar® thread, our ImpactMAX socks provide valuable additional seconds of heat and flame resistant protection and feature a flat-seam interlock construction to reduce pressure points and enhance comfort. 


  • This protective garment is manufactured with superior materials ensuring greater protection against flame and heat transfer.To preserve the quality and integrity of your new Impact undergarment, thoroughly read and understand this user manual.

    WASHING: It is strongly recommended that your new undergarment be laundered in lukewarm water with a gentle, neutral PH balanced laundry detergent (minimal acids or alkalis). Overly acidic or alkaline cleaning products can compromise elastics and fabrics. Do not use bleach or chlorine based stain removers. Do not dry clean. Machine-wash your undergarment on a delicate or hand wash cycle in warm water (not to exceed 30 degrees Celsius, 86 degrees Fahrenheit).

    DRYING: Tumble dry garment on low for a few minutes to remove excess moisture and hang to dry. Always store your undergarment away from direct sunlight as to avoid ultraviolet degradation of the garment’s fabric and materials.