PCI Radios

HJC SA SHIELD AR-10 SI-12 HX-10 w/ Cruz Armor

  • VENDOR: PCI Radios

  • PART#: PCI-1354-CA

    YOUR PRICE: Regular price $114.99


Polycarbonate Anti-fog shield with Tear-off Posts and Cruz Armor film professionally installed.


  • SA2010 Compatible with all SA2005 and SA2010 AR10 I, AR-10 II, HX10 and SI12 Helmets
  • SA2015 Compatible with SA2015 AR-10 III only.

About Cruz Armor

CruzArmor is a crystal clear, extremely durable, self healing surface protection film, that is engineered, custom designed, and precision cut to protect your most vulnerable surfaces.

CruzArmor Self-Healing Protection is a 6.4mil (0.16mm) dual extruded urethane film with an additional 0.25mil (0.006mm) optically clear, highly durable, "Nano" self healing surface, with a 1.8 mil (0.05mm) clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive system (PSA), to semi-permanently, and safely adhere CruzArmor to your vulnerable surfaces such as paint, plastic/lexan lenses, chrome, and carbon fiber.