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09-13 Ford F150 4WD Camburg Long Travel Kit

  • VENDOR: Camburg Engineering

  • PART #: CAM-110122

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Looking to build your F-150 to a higher level than Ford did with the SVT Raptor? Our long-travel kit for the 2009-2013 4-wheel drive F-150's utilizes a lot of our Raptor suspension components and takes it to the next level. More wheel travel, a wider track width, improved geometry, stronger & higher quality parts and increased dampening  all add up to a suspension kit that works better both on and off-road. This is how the Raptor should have come from the factory.

Our L/T suspension kit comes standard with our 4130 chromoly tubular 1.25" uniball upper arms that pivot on polyurethane bushings to correct geometry and allow for more wheel travel . As an upgrade,  we also offer an upper arm that uses a larger 1.50" uniball for added strength and uses FK JMX 7/8 heims at the frame pivot points for added adjustments and zero flex under heavy off-road use. The lower arm is fully boxed and utilizes a 1.50" uniball at the spindle for maximum wheel travel and strength using a mil-spec MS21250 12 point aircraft bolt. The lower arm also pivots on 1.00" uniballs at the frame for zero binding or deflection , especially since the lower arm is used to align the truck. We don't use cheaper bushings on ANY of our lower arm kits. With the added track width, the stock steering is too short and would also limit wheel travel, so we have a complete steering kit that adapts a 3/4" JMX heim to the factory steering rack using our 17-4 stainless s steering clevis. The tie rod is CNC machined from aircraft quality aluminum and then hard anodized. We use a JMX 7/8" heim at the spindle that uses stronger 1 piece mis-alignment spacers to adapt to the factory tapered hole. Also included are longer length stainless/kevlar braided front brake lines. This kit is 100% bolt-on and requires zero modifications to be installed.

You will need to use a Raptor specific coilover with this kit. For maximum wheel travel and control we suggest FOX's 3.0 internal bypass coilovers that utilize their new DSC compression adjustors. Another option is FOX's standard 3.0 internal bypass coilovers or ICON's 3.0 coilovers. For the budget minded, Sway-Away offers a smaller 2.5" remote res. coilover that still gets the same amount of wheel travel as the others.

Since the track width is 2" wider per side, you will also need longer front axles. We recommend using complete OEM Ford Raptor CV axle assemblies so you know everything is new and assembled correctly. In the near future we'll also offer as an option, longer axle shafts that can be pressed into your existing CV joints to keep the initial cost down.

With any long-travel kit you will need aftermarket fiberglass front fenders for the added tire coverage and clearance needed.

  • 1.25″ Uniball Tubluar Upper Arms
  • 1.50″ Uniball Fabricated Lower Arms
  • Heim Steering Kit
  • Stainless/Kevlar front brake lines