CB-Industries Quick Fill Kit

  • VENDOR: CB-Industries

  • PART#: CB-Quick-Fill-Kit

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Tired of messing with hose clamps and duct tape? We certainly had our fill with the archaic method. The CB-Industries Quick Fill Modular system will be a great addition to your team! 

CB-Industries cast aluminum quick cam system makes filling up your dump cans easy work. Designed to work with 2.25" barb dry breaks. Our system saves you both time and money. Refueling is made simple by disconnecting the probe portion and inserting a fueling nozzle. This saves you the hassle and grunt work of constantly taking on and off hose clamps which can lead to premature wear. By utilizing our product you can retrofit all of your cans and eliminate the need for a Dry Break probe for every dump can. The modular aspect allows you to hot swap a probe assembly onto any dump can desired in seconds. (No need for a $280 Dry Break on every can!) 

The kit consists of the following items : 
1- Heavy duty aluminum quick cam 2.25" locking unit 
1- Heavy duty aluminum 2.25" probe adapter unit 
1- Heavy duty aluminum quick cam cap. 
1-Element barrier cover kit helps protect the system from contaminants. Designed to offer hand protection by covering the hose clamps on the dump can system as well.(Not a substitute for gloves)

 *Does not include Dry Break Probe, Dump can, Hose or Clamps.