Camburg Engineering

4130 Billet Notch Tube Clamp (Pair)

  • VENDOR: Camburg Engineering

  • PART#: CAM-040081

    YOUR PRICE: Regular price $60.00


Take Camburg's billet tube clamp design and added a machined tube section to it so you’re able to notch the end to fit around another tube. You can also compound cut the end if landing onto a flat surface. This design gives you the ability to have the tube clamp joint close to another tube/plate so you’re not having to make a short tube section that’s welded to our standard clamp. This makes for a cleaner install with less work. Our design is lighter and stronger compared to others and we offer a wider range of sizes and styles. These work great for tubes and structures that need to be easily removed. Don’t be fooled by cheap & inferior imitations.

You’ll need to combine these with our standard tube clamps for the specific size tubing you’re using on the removable portion.


  • 4130 Aircraft Grade Chromoly
  • Interlocking Design
  • CNC machined
  • Made in the USA