17-Current Ford Raptor SDHQ Built Fiberglass Bedsides

  • PART #: SDHQ-13-1714

    YOUR PRICE: $900.00

    MSRP: Regular price $980.00


SDHQ's fiberglass rear fenders for your Gen 2 (2017-Current) Ford Raptor are designed to ensure quality fitment and ease of installation. 
They feature a 2" flare out and a 2" rise up which will help with clearance of a larger than stock tire and give it a more aggressive look while matching the fenders aggressive lines with the factory lines.
We manufacture our fiberglass in a way as to help with the "spiderwebbing" that is common with most fiberglass body panels. Our fenders are produced with three distinct layers; the first layer is a 2oz skin layer, the middle layer is a 2mil Coremat, and our final layer is a 2oz top cloth. Our 2mil Coremat gives the fender strength and rigidity, while also helping fight and prevent the spiderwebbing cracks you see from rock chips and debris. After the body panels are installed, you don't get that race glass flutter or shake. It also makes repairs more of a possibility in an accident if damage occurs to the glass.
Our fiberglass is Proudly Made here in The United States of America.


  • 2″ Flare / 2" Rise
  • Designed to allow you to trim the rear inner fender well out for a clean OEM look
  • Reduced spiderwebbing with our added Coremat layer
  • Designed and produced in the USA
  • SDHQ Quality