Camburg Engineering

17-Current Ford Raptor Camburg 1.25 Uniball Performance Upper Control Arms

  • VENDOR: Camburg Engineering

  • PART #: CAM-110134

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When lifting your truck, the stock upper arms become the limiting factor and hold back your suspensions performance. Our Camburg upper arms address these issues and more.  Replacing the stock ball-joint with a uni-ball bearing were able to gain wheel travel with a part that is considerably stronger and will last longer under extreme conditions. We build more caster and change the camber curve to correct geometry so the vehicle aligns correctly and improves driving characteristics and handling. We also maximize useable wheel travel by using a uniball that has more mis-alignment than the factory ball-joint.

  • Increases usable wheel travel
  • Corrects camber and caster
  • Eliminates weak factory joints
  • 4130 chromoly construction
  • Made in the USA FK PTFE lined 1.25 uniballs
  • Heat-treated stainless uniball spacers
Max Backspacing: 5.75in 
Tire Size: 35-37in