SDHQ Off Road

14-Current Toyota Tundra SDHQ Built Fiberglass Fenders

  • VENDOR: SDHQ Off Road

  • PART #: SDHQ-15-1710

    YOUR PRICE: $560.00

    MSRP: MSRP: $588.00


Our SDHQ fiberglass fenders are made here in Arizona. We build our fenders with 3 layers of fiberglass material to ensure the best strength while allowing for great fitment.

  • First layer is a 2 oz. skin layer
  • Second Middle Layer is a 2 Mil. Coremat layer.
  • Final Layer is a 2 oz. top cloth for finishing.

The CoreMat is the big difference. It gives the fender strength and rigidity, while also helping fight and prevent the spider cracks you see from rock chips and debris. This is especially helpful for Daily Driver vehicles. After the fender is installed you don't get that race glass flutter or shake. It also makes repairs more of a possibility in an accident if damage occurs to the glass. It does add a bit of weight over the other companies, but it's minimal and not a bad thing.


  • Front Fenders Have a 4" Flare and 2" Rise
  • Clears 37" Tires Some Trimming and Fitting May Be Necessary