'14-18 Toyota Tundra Shifter Panel Switch Pro Mount-Non Leather Editions

  • VENDOR: SDHQ Off Road

  • PART #: SDHQ-53-1129-G3

    Your PRICE: Regular price $30.00

  • 3D printed seat for Switch Pros Keypad
  • Option for customer supplied panel for laser work
  • Designed for a tight fit with Switch Pros Bezel Mount Panels
2014-2018 Tundra Shifter Panel Switch Pro Mount (Non-Leather Panel) $30 is for the mount only; Switch Pros unit is not included. 
  • Due to a design change in the Switch Pros Bezel Mount dimensions
    • Keypads made after March 2017: (Bezel step measures 3.865" x 1.865")
    • Keypads made before March 2017: (Bezel step measures 3.91" x 1.91")