Expedition Essentials

'10-Current Lexus GX460 Dashboard Accessory Mount (GXTM)

  • VENDOR: Expedition Essentials
  • PART#: EXE-DM-014A
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $71.50


Expedition Essentials GXTM track mount for the 2010-Current Lexus GX460 is a low profile base mounting system that is designed to securely mount electronic devices such as phones tablets or GPS units.

The GXTM is designed around and includes a 9" RAMMOUNTS Tough Track, the tough track rail is a versatile component of the mount and allows for limitless adjustability for mounted components.


  • Configuration A - Will be the base mount alone: with the 9" tough track and mounting hardware.
    • This configuration allows for an easy and less intrusive installation using only the recess pocket to the sides and above the radio using 4 flathead self tapping screws. This configuration will be only for those wishing to mount only small devices such as phones, not requiring the additional strength provided by Configuration B.
  • Configuration B - Is the Strongest Configuration of the GXTM, This Configuration includes 2 additional side mounting brackets to provide additional lateral and longitudinal support.
    • These additional supports provide the strength necessary for larger devices such as tablets and GPS units. This configuration requires drilling and installing through hardware.