'10-14 Ford Raptor SDHQ Built Sprung Under Kit

  • VENDOR: SDHQ Off Road

  • PART #: SDHQ-13-1405

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    MSRP: Regular price $682.45


Want the next step for your 2010-2014 (Gen1) Ford Raptor rear suspension?

Our SDHQ kit will get you on your way towards achieving a high performing rear end to match that long travel front kit. This sprung under system produces much-needed up-travel without negative spring arch which can be detrimental towards ride quality and component longevity associated with re-arched, or long travel sprung over setups.

This kit is intended for the experienced fabricator as welding and suspension cycling will be needed to place the shock mounts accurately, bump stops (hydraulic recommended) and limit straps. A stock driveline can be used, and with proper shocks can achieve 16.5” of safe rear wheel travel. Travel limits are going to be the stock bed on the upside, and drive shaft length on the droop side as the system bottoms out the “plunge” built into the shaft.

Not included in this kit but are still needed would be rear shocks (bypass’ recommended) in the correct length for your setup (I.E., a bed-cage will run a longer shock than our SDHQ Cantilever system). Bump stops to limit up-travel and limit straps to limit down-travel.

The rear axle on your truck will need to be modified, as the stock spring perch will interfere with the new spring under system. Stock spring perch and shock mounts will need to be removed and swapped for new.

Our kit is designed to maximize your vehicle to its potential while retaining drivability on the street and keeping the stock bed and drive shaft. More travel can be achieved with bed and driveshaft modifications. If you have a current hydro-bump setup for your stock or replacement spring-over Deavers, it will need to be modified to gain more up-travel. 

This kit includes:

  • SDHQ Built Shackles
  • U-Bolts + Nuts
  • Spring Perches
  • Spring Plates
  • Extended Brake Lines