'10-14 Ford Raptor SDHQ Built Rear Long Travel Air Bag System

  • PART #: SDHQ-13-1450

    YOUR PRICE: $1,895.00

    MSRP: Regular price $1,989.75


We are proud to provide our customers with a solution that allows the best of both worlds. You can now tow and haul with ease, riding level and still tear it up in the dirt!

We designed this system to maximize your Raptors towing capacity while not sacrificing your ride quality or wheel travel. This kit will allow full articulation of your stock rear suspension and will also allow you to use the extra 1.5” of travel gained if you have upgraded the rear of your truck with our rear hydraulic bump stop kit, Deavers leaf springs and rear Icon bypass shocks.

Another benefit of our Long Travel Air Bag System is it works as traction bars. Those of you with a supercharger, turbo or a built motor will defintely have these on your list of must haves. We do offer this kit without the air bags for those of you who just want to run the system as traction bars.


  • Maximizes the Raptor’s Load Capacity
  • Perfect for any type of trailer or load
  • Supports up to 14 inches of travel
  • CNC Cut and Powder Coated Brackets
  • Straight forward install
  • Your spare tire will have to be relocated
  • Your exhaust will have to be modified (The MBRP single turn down exhaust is an easy bolt system that works great with our system)